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14.06.14: "Adian Coker" - Darling and King are joined by the fast-rising, rapper and producer @AdianCoker. We discuss his "Young World" EP, Kanye West and his upcoming performance at #ReadingFestival.

03.05.14: "Kyle Lettman" - Darling and King are joined by former FDM member, @KyleLettman as he discusses his debut solo EP, "Access".

We talk about the break-up of FDM, his motivation to return to music and what he hopes to achieve with his new sound!
Topic(s) of the week: 
Did you think Jeremy Clarkson's apology was sincere?
What do you think of Theresa May's recent plans to overhaul Stop and Search?

We also continue to play some good homegrown talent from @mrbigzofficial@Bashy @RaheemBakare @JessGlynne @HayleyCassidy @EdSheeran@HawkHouse

07.06.14 "Akua Konamah" - Darling and King get to hear the dulcet tones of "Only You" singer, @AkuaKonamah. We talk about the pending release of her debut EP, "Consume Me" and we find out influences have shaped her distinctive sound.

"High Spirit Bags" - Darling and King have an inspiring chat with the brains behind the innovative @HighSpiritBag. We discuss what events lead for them to create a "theft proof bag" and what it's like working with family. We also talk music and how they got their hustle on in school!

17.05.14: "Raheem Bakaré" - Darling and King are joined by South London singer-songwriter @RaheemBakare as he discusses his upcoming release, "AWOL".

We talk about the resurgence of R&B talent in the UK - especially from South London and who Raheem may be working with in the future.
Darling tells us why "age ain't nothing but a number" in her latest instalment of, "The Weird and Wonderful".
We also give you a round up of the latest celebrity gossip, music releases and events in London! Expect some new music from @JessGlynne, @weareDoraMartin, @OfficialYJ and more.

02.08.14: "Jay Prince" - @DarlingxKing have a sit down with Hip Hop recording artist and music producer @JayPrinceMusic. We find out about his creative influences/inspirations, his FREE music and he also shares an exclusive regarding his upcoming releases.


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