Monday 17 May 2010

He dashes rocks, while others dash pebbles...

Introducing fellow South-Eastender and rapper, AKS.  He recently became a Cordless Show winner (The People's Choice) and I genuinely believe he's going to bring something special to the UK hip hop scene. For those of you unfamiliar with The Cordless Show, it's an award winning Video Music Show showcasing a cross-section of emerging music artists and bands set to 'make it'. Each month the public are offered the chance to vote for the band or artist that they wish to feature on the show via the People’s Vote.

I really appreciate his honest and heartfelt lyrics and the fact that he doesn't fit the stereotype of a wannabe gangster, a role that sadly too many UK rappers are far too willing to fulfill (*ahem* I'll save that talk for another post). Anyway...hopefully I'll be doing a feature on him in the future, but until then please check out his Myspace and personal Blog.

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