Monday 10 May 2010

Read it and weep

I CANNOT watch people cry....
 I know that sounds quite insensitive but I'm being honest. It just makes me cringe in the worst way and I have no clue how to comfort someone who randomly bursts into tears. Maybe its due to the fact that I rarely react that way and I don't believe in crying over things I can't control and if it can be changed why shed tears?...Just change it! Don't get me wrong I'm human (i have been accused of otherwise) and like everybody else I get hurt, I just deal with it differently. Anyway this random confession was inspired by a post on the hilarious and 'ignant' blog, 'O Hell Nawl' (AKA the site you should'nt read at work!)

and then came the remix...

I know its wrong, but I laughed so hard at this!

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