Wednesday 9 June 2010

My Grandpapa

Today marks a week since I received the devastating news that my grandfather passed away.
I still don't believe it...

Early this year I planned to fly over and surprise him for his birthday, but for various reasons I decided to wait until Christmas. All week I've put all my efforts into making sure my mother was o.k, reminding her that he had an amazing and full life. All my friends know I'm very close to my grandmother and I talk about her all the time, but I rarely speak about my Grandpapa. I think its because all my experiences with him sound like tales from a book.

God creates some amazing human beings and he was one of them.

He wasn't without flaws and made some life decisions that were questionable, but there's no doubting how great he was. My house has been full of people telling me stories of how his generosity and love has affected them. I always knew he was an important figure in his community, but he was so humble it was easy to forget.

In every experience (despite how painful) there is a lesson(s) to be learnt. So far I think I've learnt that time is precious. Don't put off calling that person who crossed your mind, there's reason as to why you thought of them. Don't put off anything that can be done today. I've also been reminded that humility, generosity and kindness are things you should keep close to your heart and share with others.

I hope he knows that he will always continue to live in the hearts of those he left behind.



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