Thursday 8 July 2010

Malbert & Tjernberg's 'Modern Times'

Created by Swedish designers and first time collaborators, Johannes Tjernberg and Rasmus Malbert.
Their 'Modern Times' series was inspired by the Charlie Chaplin film of the same name. The collection consists of three objects: “Ash” - a paraffin lamp, “Instant” - a series of table clocks, and “Pulse” - a docking station, which is the main piece.

Pulse's glossy black structure is partially covered in tiles and the classical crank made of polished brass, was added to it to control the volume. The architectural body of the piece floats on a mirror laminate and hides two speakers and an amplifier on the inside. The entire piece is supported by a single leg which is sculpted with notions of playful music from a street organ.

Charlie Chaplin's 'Modern Times'


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