Sunday 12 September 2010

I'm back, I'm back, tell everyone I'm back!

So I left the country for 4 weeks to give my dear grandfather the best send off possible.
The great thing about Ghanaian funerals is the fact that emphasis is placed on celebrating a persons life rather than their departure.
We cried, laughed and shared memorable stories. I know he would be proud.

 I only got back yesterday and I'm already missing my family (in particular my granny), the amazing weather and great food.
My Mother's family are from Cape Coast, so I spent alot of time on the beach  and woke up to views that you only see on TV or magazines...simply breath taking!

I filmed everything I saw, editing is going to be a nightmare!
Hmm..I'm still really tired and I realise this post may read as a huge ramble.
So I'm going to make it short and get back to sleep, I go back to work tomorrow!


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