Wednesday 20 April 2011

Electrolux pop up restaurant: "The Cube"

Appliance manufacture Electrolux has created a traveling temporary dining concept - a portable restuarant with "never-before-seen" views - called The Cube. Currently atop the Parc du Cinquantenaire arch in Brussels (its first stop), The Cube is scheduled to pop up on a series of landmark sites across Europe over the course on for 2011.

Says Electrolux, "The aim is to create an experience that surprises and inspires with fantastic tastes, gastronomic hints and tips from some of the world's greatest chefs and never-before-seen views, ultimately stimulating guests to explore their own creative boundaries next time they entertain friends or family at home."

At each venue a hand-picked resident chef will offer tailor-made recipes using locally sourced ingredients for up to 18 guests per setting. Guests will also be given the opportunity to interact and learn from the professionals while in the Cube. "By sharing professional shortcuts we want to show people it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive to create great experiences as long as you have the right tools" says Neil Gannon, Director of Marketing Expertise, Electrolux.

The kitchen will be on display at the center of the Cube and the chef will form an integral part of the event and provide an atmosphere more akin to cooking with friends than attending a traditional restaurant. When dinner is served a concealed dining table will drop from the ceiling to seat the guests before being raised again for after-dinner drinks and mingling.

Two wedge shaped 140 sq. meter Electrolux Cubes will be traveling across Europe. The transparent and semi-transparent laser-cut aluminum structures will be seen on top of monuments, buildings and even water platforms in Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden - but for only for three months at each location.


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